What We Do

A Work and Travel Company, with our own dedicated working hostel.

Designed by backpackers for backpackers, taking all the troubles out of your work and travel experiences.

We have used our own experiences and knowledge to put together comprehensive packages that cater to every backpackers needs. From the basics to the full works, we’ve been there and got the T-shirt, so we know exactly what you need and where to source the best information.

Let us help you quench your thirst for wanderlust, by taking care of the necessities.



simonAbout Us

Simon has 8 years experience of running a working hostel and helping expats gain their farm days whilst offering support with tax returns and second year visa and providing transport to and from work.
He is a fountain of knowledge and had been wanting to expand the services he could offer to expats staying in his hostel and potentailly those travelling all over Oz!
The idea of Work Travel Play Oz was born!



hannahHannah is a Backpacker (although very stationary and happy at EPB!) she is also notorious geek with a head full of wunderlust. Having completed her farm days in quick succession whilst working as Duty Manger at EPB, she wanted to help other backpackers find work and take care of all the boring long winded process of setting up accounts and finding the best information. She has worked with Simon to bring Work Travel Play Oz to life and their combined knowledge, experience and skill sets have been used to ensure their customers enjoy their Australian Travels!



WTPOZ was formed through a combination of Hannah’s passion, Simon’s knowledge and an already well established working hostel. The result being a perfect mix to ensure backpackers enjoy their working and travelling experience whilst in Australia.