Premium Package – $600Buy Package

Aka the safety net! Let us take care of just about everything for you and welcome you to our very own working hostel. Become part of the Echuca Backpacker Family and make 1000 memories while you work your 88 days!

Current Account with Common Wealth, the App makes keeping track of your money easy and stress free.

Personal Reference number in the Tax and Super Systems, You are required by law to have a TFN.

Your employer will pay you 9.25% on top of your wage, into your super fund (which acts as a pension fund). You claim your money back when you leave Australia. Australian residents can’t access theirs till they retire at 65.

Our 24 helpdesk will provide you with ongoing support, advise and friendly service.

Membership to WTP for the entire time of your stay in Australia, even if you do your second year at a later date!

Access to our online network of fellow backpackers, friendly and helpful too! Dotted all around the world, your sure to find someone near by with the answers to your questions, or just make some extra friends!

A selection of the best deals in Oz for traveling ideas and tours, we have hunted down the top discounts for the must see’s and hidden gems.

Medicare cover for citizens of UK, Rep IRL, SWE, FIN,ITA,BGR,MLT, SVN, NOR, NZL. Medicare is the Australian public health system meaning discounts on doctors, dentists, hospitals etc.

We only work with certified accountants, whether you wish to complete your tax return whilst in Oz or once your back home we can put you in touch with the best people to claim your money back quickly and with ease. Ensuring you get back every bit back you are entitled to.

P.O. Box service, mail can be sent to this address from overseas and we will forward your mail to you new address if you plan on moving about. Great for gifts from home, bills in Oz, and any important documents being posted.

This pack has been designed to give you the most up to date and relative information for just about everything, saving you time and money, we have taken the hard work out of finding the best information and put it together in one place! Why make the same mistakes others have made – this puts you on the right path to just about everything.

  • We are working on providing correct and up to date information surrounding sponsorship and working with immigration officers who are certified and can support you. Stay tuned for more info!

Pre paid Sim card so you can keep in contact with employers friends and family, we have sourced the best deals on the market!

All the documents and advice you need to secure your second year in Australia.

Only available with the Works Package (when you venture to our working hostel at Echuca). Facetime, download or browse, we don’t have free wifi so this will be a little luxury when you first arrive.


  • We are upgrading our Wifi so pretty soon we will have free and unlimited access to the internet for you all to enjoy!

We have put together a basic work pack, so that you are ready! High Visibility vest, gloves, fly net, hat, sunnies and sun cream are going to come in real handy!

At Echuca Backpackers –we will go out of our way to secure you a job that pays fair and counts towards your farm days. This is like gold, we have seen so many backpackers go home after 1 year as they couldn’t find work suitable to obtain a 2ndyear visa. Let us give you priority at one of the countries best working hostels!!!